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Eye on Oversight Video Series

Eye on Oversight is a video series featuring top areas of interest for the OIG.

Separated Children Placed in ORR Care
Jan 2019
2018 Year in Review Video
2018 Year in Review
Dec 2018
Cybersecurity Video
Oct 2018
Emergency Response Video
Emergency Response
Sept 2018
Hospice Video
Jul 2018
Corporate Integrity Agreements Video
Corporate Integrity Agreements
May 2018
Small Business Innovation Research Fraud Video
Small Business Innovation Research Fraud
Mar 2018
Group Homes Video
Group Homes

Jan 2018
2017 Year in Review Video Thumbnail
2017 Year in Review

Dec 2017
Grant Management Video Thumbnail
Grant Management

Nov 2017
The Importance of OIG Audits
The Importance of OIG Audits

Aug 2017
Electronic Health Records
Electronic Health Records

Jul 2017
Abuse in Nursing Homes
Abuse in Nursing Homes

Jun 2017
Medical Identity Theft
Mar 2017
Jan 2017
2016 Year in Review
2016 Year in Review
Dec 2016
A photo of an empty hospital room
Challenges in Indian Health Service Hospitals
Nov 2016
A photo of doctors discussing a document
Vulnerabilities in Personal Care Services
Oct 2016
A photo of doctors discussing a document
Provider Self-Disclosure Protocol
Sep 2016
A photo of a person being rushed through a hospital
Critical Incidents in Group Homes
Jul 2016
A photo of a nurse and two people discussing medication in a home setting
Home Health Fraud

Jun 2016
A photo of a person with their fingers crossed behind their back
Kickbacks to Physicians

May 2016
A close-up photo of fingers holding a pill
Dangerous Drugs – Opioids

Apr 2016
A video screenshot
Child Care Safety Lapses

Mar 2016
A video screenshot
Medicare Part D Fraud

Feb 2016

Additional Information

The program will remain on the site indefinitely. OIG's Eye on Oversight is not copyrighted; however, OIG does not have the resources to produce or distribute DVDs of this program. Because of your organization's unique security requirements and software capabilities OIG cannot recommend the best way to access and download the videos. Please contact your IT department to help access and download the videos from YouTube.