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Advisory Opinions

HHS-OIG issues advisory opinions about the application of certain fraud and abuse enforcement authorities to the requesting party’s existing or proposed business arrangements.

Recent Activity

  • AO 23-08 was posted on October 25, 2023

    Unfavorable opinion regarding a cochlear implant manufacturer’s proposal to offer and provide a free compatible hearing aid to certain patients, including Federal health care program beneficiaries, who receive one of the cochlear implants it manufactures.

  • AO 23-07 was posted on October 13, 2023

    Favorable opinion regarding an employer’s proposal to pay bonuses to its employed physicians based on net profits derived from certain procedures performed by the physicians.

  • AO 23-06 was posted on September 28, 2023

    Unfavorable opinion regarding a laboratory company’s proposal to purchase anatomic pathology services from third-party laboratories.

  • AO 23-05 was posted on August 18, 2023

    Unfavorable opinion regarding a company’s proposal to assist physicians who perform surgeries for which the company’s services are used with the formation and operation of a turnkey physician-owned entity that would perform those same services.

  • AO 23-04 was posted on July 11, 2023

    Favorable opinion regarding: (i) the use of a health technology company’s online health care directory by Federal health care program beneficiaries to search for and book medical appointments with providers and the display of sponsored advertisements to Federal health care program beneficiaries on the directory and certain third-party websites; and (ii) certain proposed changes to the functionality of the directory.

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