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About OIG

Who We Are

Since its 1976 establishment, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) has been at the forefront of the Nation's efforts to fight waste, fraud and abuse in Medicare, Medicaid and more than 100 other Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) programs.

HHS OIG is the largest inspector general's office in the Federal Government, with approximately 1,600 dedicated to combating fraud, waste and abuse and to improving the efficiency of HHS programs. A majority of OIG's resources goes toward the oversight of Medicare and Medicaid — programs that represent a significant part of the Federal budget and that affect this country's most vulnerable citizens. Our government oversight extends to programs under other HHS institutions, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institutes of Health, and the Food and Drug Administration.


OIG's mission is to provide objective oversight to promote the economy, efficiency, effectiveness, and integrity of HHS programs, as well as the health and welfare of the people they serve.


Our vision is to drive positive change in HHS programs and in the lives of the people served by these programs.


OIG strives to be impactful, innovative, and people-focused.

Goals and Objectives

  • Fight Fraud, Waste & Abuse
    • Prevent, detect, and deter fraud, waste, and abuse
    • Foster sound financial stewardship and reduction of improper payments
    • Hold wrongdoers accountable and recover misspent public funds
  • Promote Quality, Safety & Value
    • Foster quality, safety, and value of HHS-funded services
    • Promote public health and safety
    • Support high-performing health and human services programs
  • Advance Excellence & Innovation
    • Maximize value by improving efficiency and effectiveness
    • Promote secure and effective use of data and technology
    • Encourage implementation of OIG recommendations


We carry out our mission using a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach, with each of our six components playing a vital role in government oversight.

The Immediate Office (IO) of Inspector General is directly responsible for the overall fulfillment of the OIG's mission and for promoting effective management and quality of the agency's processes and products.

The Office of Audit Services (OAS) conducts independent audits of HHS programs and/or HHS grantees and contractors. These audits examine the performance of HHS programs and/or grantees in carrying out their responsibilities and provide independent assessments of HHS programs and operations.

The Office of Evaluation and Inspections (OEI) conducts national evaluations of HHS programs from a broad, issue-based perspective. The evaluations incorporate practical recommendations and focus on preventing fraud, waste or abuse and encourage efficiency and effectiveness in HHS programs.

The Office of Management and Policy (OMP) provides mission and administrative support to the OIG. OMP is focused on customer satisfaction, reliability, innovation, and continuous improvement.

The Office of Investigations (OI) conducts criminal, civil and administrative investigations of fraud and misconduct related to HHS programs, operations and beneficiaries. State-of-the-art tools and technology assist OIG investigators around the country and help OI meet its goal of becoming the world's premier health care law enforcement agency.

The Office of Counsel to the Inspector General (OCIG) provides timely, accurate and persuasive legal advocacy and counsel to the Inspector General and OIG's other components. OCIG acts as a full-service, in-house legal counsel.