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The Administration for Children and Families Region IX Resolved Head Start Grantees' Single Audit Findings in Accordance With Federal Requirements

Head Start grantees are required to have Single Audits conducted in accordance with the Office of Management and Budget Circular A 133 (also known as A-133 audits) for fiscal years beginning before December 26, 2014. The Administration for Children and Families (ACF) had a process in place to ensure that (1) it responded in a timely manner to Head Start grantees' A 133 audit findings by issuing management decisions on those findings within the required 6 months and (2) Head Start grantees took corrective action on A-133 audit findings. Specifically, for Region IX Head Start grantees (located in Arizona, California, Hawaii, and Nevada) that submitted audit reports to the Federal Audit Clearinghouse, ACF resolved recurring audit findings in accordance with Federal requirements and ACF policies and procedures. Accordingly, this report contains no recommendations.

Filed under: Administration for Children and Families