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Wisconsin Did not Comply With Federal Waiver and State Requirements at all 20 Adult Day Care Centers Reviewed

Wisconsin did not comply with Federal waiver and State requirements in overseeing centers that serve vulnerable adults who receive services through the Family Care program (the program). All 20 of the centers we reviewed did not comply with State certification requirements. In total, we found 208 instances of noncompliance with health and safety and administrative requirements.

Wisconsin said that instances of noncompliance occurred partly because of low staffing levels that did not allow State surveyors to make recertification visits every 2 years. Additionally, Wisconsin officials confirmed that the certification checklist was outdated and lacked clarity on certain requirements, and certification requirements were not in the Wisconsin Administrative Rules. Wisconsin also said that there was minimal attendance by center personnel at State- or trade association-sponsored voluntary training programs. Finally, center personnel indicated the need for improved State agency communication and more guidance related to the specific center certification requirements.

Filed under: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services