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About HHS-OIG Hotline Operations

The Inspector General Act of 1978 gave the OIG the authority to accept complaints from HHS employees and the general public concerning criminal activity, fraud, waste, abuse and mismanagement of HHS programs and operations. OIG Hotline Operations is a component of the OIG, Office of Investigations, overseeing several hotlines through which complaints and information are received. OIG Hotline Operations reviews and processes complaints which may or may not result in an investigation, audit, or inspections performed by the OIG, or administrative action by an Operating Division of Staff Division of HHS. As a result, the OIG Hotline helps ensure the proper and efficient use of taxpayer dollars and Government resources for the American people.

Privacy Safeguards

OIG Hotline Operations complaints are official records covered by the Privacy Act. OIG Hotline Operations complaint referrals are provided to non-OIG offices for review and response on an official-need-to-know basis only, and must not be released to the subjects of complaints. Although additional information may be received during the course of a complaint, such items are part of the OIG Hotline file and its release is subject to OIG approval. 

Appealing an OIG Hotline Operations Complaint Decision

There are no appeal rights to a decision by OIG Hotline Operations as to the actions taken on a particular complaint. OIG Hotline Operations is not a statutory entity, court, or other administrative body. The IG Act gives the Inspector General sole discretion regarding the processing and investigation of hotline complaints.