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Disclosing Your Identity

Disclosing Your Identity

We recognize that you may want to maintain your confidentiality when filing a complaint. Below are the options available to you and the impact each will have on your complaint.

No Restrictions: Disclose identity to OIG, HHS and others

You provide us your identifying information (name, address, etc.) when filing the online submission form. If its determined that individuals and/or entities outside of HHS-OIG need to know the information, we can disclose your identity to them.

Revocation Of Consent

If you opt to disclose your identity via the online submission process, you can still revoke it later if an agent is assigned to your case and contacts you. HHS-OIG reserves the right to close the investigation if lack of con-sent, or lack of cooperation from the complainant, results in an inability to thoroughly review and/or resolve the complaint’s allegations.

Confidential: Disclose Identity to HHS-OIG Only

You provide us your identifying information (name, address, etc.) when filing the online submission form, but request that we not share this information with individuals or entities outside of HHS-OIG. This option will hinder our ability to thoroughly review and/or resolve the complaint.


Despite a request for confidentiality, it may still be necessary to disclose your identity to individuals outside of HHS-OIG if HHS-OIG deems such disclosure is (1) necessary during the course of HHS-OIG’s investigation of the complaint’s allegations or (2) otherwise required by law.

Anonymous: Keep Identity Anonymous

You opt not to provide any identifying information (name, address, etc.) in the online submission complaint. You should know, however, that opting to remain anonymous precludes HHS-OIG from investigating a complaint as a whistleblower retaliation complaint and may hinder HHS-OIG from thoroughly reviewing and/or resolving the complaint’s allegations.