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Strategic Plan

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) Strategic Plan 2014–2018 outlines the vision and priorities that guide the office as we carry out our mission to protect the integrity of Department of Health and Human Services programs and operations and the health and welfare of the people they serve. The plan articulates four goals: (1) fight fraud, waste, and abuse; (2) promote quality, safety, and value; (3) secure the future; and (4) advance excellence and innovation. These goals drive OIG's work, such as the planned audits and evaluations in OIG's annual Work Plan. The Strategic Plan also highlights key strategies and indicators for attaining and measuring results. It is designed to allow for flexibility to anticipate, assess, and respond to new challenges.

As we look to the Strategic Plan to guide our efforts in the coming years, we will update it to reflect our role in an evolving external environment. The Plan will continue to embody our guiding principles as we strive to ensure that Federal dollars are used appropriately and that HHS programs well serve the people who use them.

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