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List of Previous Inspectors General

Joanne Chiedi

Acting June 1, 2019

Portrait photograph of former IG Daniel R. Levinson

Daniel R. Levinson

Appointed June 9, 2005 (Acting from September 13, 2004)

Dara Corrigan (Acting)

Appointed June 2, 2003

Janet Rehnquist headshot in greyscale

Janet Rehnquist

Appointed August 8, 2001

Michael Mangano (Acting)

Appointed January 4, 2001

June Gibbs Brown headshot in greyscale

June Gibbs Brown

Appointed November 5, 1993

Brian B. Mitchell (Acting)

Appointed July 1, 1992

Richard P Kusserow headshot in greyscale

Richard P. Kusserow

Appointed June 1, 1981

Brian B. Mitchell (Acting)

Appointed January 1, 1981

Richard B. Lowe III (Acting)

Appointed September 1, 1979

Thomas D Morris headshot in greyscale

Thomas D. Morris

Appointed February 19, 1977