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Mary Lanning HealthCare Agreed to Pay $677,000 for Allegedly Violating the Civil Monetary Penalties Law by Submitting Claims for Medically Unnecessary Services

After it self-disclosed conduct to OIG, The Mary Lanning Memorial Hospital Association d/b/a Mary Lanning HealthCare (Mary Lanning HealthCare), Nebraska, agreed to pay $677,239.56 for allegedly violating the Civil Monetary Penalties Law. OIG alleged that Mary Lanning HealthCare contracted with a hospital for one of its employed physician to provide professional medical services, on a part-time bases to patients at Mary Lanning HealthCare's Blue Hill Clinic, a rural health clinic owned and operated by Mary Lanning HealthCare. The physician reassigned his billing rights for services performed under the agreement to Mary Lanning HealthCare, which then billed for his services. OIG alleged the physician documented and billed E&M codes for services performed in nursing homes that were not medically necessary and did not meet the requirements of the E&M code billed and Mary Lanning HealthCare billed for these codes.

Action Details

  • Date:April 2, 2018
  • Enforcement Types:
    • Fraud Self-Disclosures