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HEAT Provider Compliance Training Videos

Videos and Audio Podcasts

This page contains videos and audio podcasts that are part of the award-winning Health Care Fraud Prevention and Enforcement Action Team (HEAT) Provider Compliance Training initiative. We hope you'll take a look at these educational presentations designed to help prevent fraud, waste, and abuse.

These videos are available in audio-only format.

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Guidance for Health Care Boards

Gregory Demske, Chief Counsel to the Inspector General, provides tips for health care boards to promote quality of care and embrace compliance with the law.

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Inspector General Introduces Compliance Training Videos and Audio Podcasts
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How to Report Fraud to the OIG
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Updated OIG's Self-Disclosure Protocol
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Importance of Documentation
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Tips for Implementing an Effective Compliance Program
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Compliance Program Basics
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OIG Guidance
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Physician Self-Referral Law
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False Claims Act

Federal Anti-kickback Statute

Exclusion Authorities & Effects
of Exclusion

The videos are hosted on and embedded on OIG's web pages. If is blocked on your computer, any content embedded on our site will not be accessible. Please contact your IT department to remove the YouTube restriction and view these videos.

Webcast Modules

On this page you will find 16 modules from the HEAT Provider Compliance Training Webcast.

For more information and downloadble presentation material, visit the Webcast page.


These educational materials were current at the time they were published and posted to OIG's Web site. They were prepared as educational resources; they are not intended to create any rights, privileges, or benefits. Although every reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information within these materials, the ultimate responsibility for complying with the Federal fraud and abuse laws lies with the provider of services. OIG employees, agents, and staff make no representation, warranty, or guarantee that these compilations of information are error free and will bear no responsibility or liability for the results or consequences of their use. These materials are summaries that explain certain aspects of the Federal fraud and abuse laws, but are not legal documents. The official information is contained in the relevant laws and regulations.


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