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Employee Profile: Dan Hoy

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The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Inspector General (OIG) Hotline serves as a crucial mechanism for the public to report concerns and potential misconduct related to HHS programs and operations, ensuring transparency and accountability within the agency. The Hotline plays a pivotal role in both initiating and guiding OIG’s investigative efforts.

Dan Hoy
Daniel J. Hoy

Daniel J. Hoy is the Director of Hotline Operations at HHS-OIG. Daniel joined OIG in August 2016, bringing with him over 23 years of federal service experience. Prior to joining HHS-OIG, Daniel spent 15 years at the Government Accountability Office (GAO) as a Senior Analyst. Building upon his commendable tenure at GAO, Daniel's fervent enthusiasm for investigative law enforcement led him to pursue a new career path as an Investigative Analyst with OIG’s Office of Investigations (OI) at the Los Angeles Regional Office. During his time in Los Angeles, Daniel tackled health care fraud cases and immersed himself in investigative techniques, including the utilization of geospatial analysis platforms, leveraging his skills and expertise to support various cases. His dedication and contributions led him to take on roles of increasing responsibility, culminating in his current position as the Director of Hotline Operations at HHS-OIG headquarters in Washington, DC.

Daniel’s background reflects a trajectory of dedication to public service and a commitment to investigative work. He initially pursued a degree in biology during his undergraduate studies, but driven by his passion for public service and a profound desire to effect positive change, he later expanded his academic pursuits to include a master's degree in public administration from The Maxwell School at Syracuse University. Growing up with a mother who was a middle school teacher and a father who served as a police officer, Daniel was instilled with a sense of duty and a desire to make meaningful contributions through public service.

Daniel’s dedication to his work was evident in his involvement in high-profile cases, such as the Levian Pacheco case in Arizona. In this case, Pacheco was sentenced to 19 years of imprisonment for abusing minors in HHS custody. The minors were being held in official detention in these facilities pending possible deportation. Pacheco was employed as a youth care worker at the facility and was in charge of supervising the minors. During the trial, Daniel and the investigative team supported the victims who came forward to testify. Despite the emotional toll of the case, Daniel found it incredibly rewarding to witness justice being served and to see the victims receiving the closure they deserved. The case highlighted the importance of thorough investigations and collaborative efforts in combating crimes against vulnerable populations, leaving a lasting impact on Daniel's approach to his work in protecting the public. Witnessing the profound impact of this case and similar cases inspired Daniel to take on a bigger role at HHS-OIG, leading him to become the Director of Hotline Operations.

Daniel's motivation for assuming the role of Director of Hotline Operations stems from his desire to make a measurable impact within HHS-OIG. Having gained valuable experience working on health care fraud cases and supporting investigations in various capacities, Daniel saw the opportunity to focus his attention on the Hotline operations, a crucial aspect of the agency's oversight function. He recognized the significance of public engagement and the pivotal role of the Hotline in initiating and informing OIG’s investigative efforts.

"The citizens are the frontline, the eyes and ears that first alert us to potential fraud schemes. They are the lifeblood of our investigative efforts, providing crucial tips that often lead to significant recoveries for the Medicare Trust fund. Their keen observations and willingness to report suspicious activities, whether it's questioning unexpected benefits or noticing discrepancies, play a vital role in safeguarding the integrity of our health care system," said Daniel.

As Director of Hotline Operations, Daniel has spearheaded numerous initiatives to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the Hotline. One of Daniel's proudest professional accomplishments during his tenure as Director of Hotline Operations is his role in identifying and addressing emerging trends, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. He demonstrated exceptional foresight in detecting fraudulent schemes related to at-home COVID-19 test kits, leading to significant investigative outcomes and monetary recoveries. His proactive approach to identifying and addressing fraudulent activities underscores his commitment to protecting federal health care programs and enrollees.

Daniel's leadership philosophy centers on transparency, open communication, and mentorship. Drawing from his diverse experiences, Daniel prioritizes creating an inclusive and supportive work environment. He emphasizes the importance of fostering professional growth and recognizing the contributions of team members.

When asked for advice for aspiring professionals interested in pursuing a career path similar to his, Daniel underscored the significance of hard work. "Be a sponge," he said, emphasizing the importance of absorbing knowledge through diligent research and focusing on understanding health care fraud. Furthermore, he stressed the value of seeking guidance from colleagues, and encouraging newcomers to ask questions freely. According to Daniel, a key component of success is hard work, underlining the significance of thorough preparation, receptiveness to learning, and dedication to the job.

Looking ahead, Daniel aims to continue advancing his career within HHS-OIG while focusing on enhancing technology integration and efficiency within Hotline operations. He is committed to leveraging innovative tools such as geospatial intelligence platforms and artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline complaint processing and improve the effectiveness of investigative efforts. Daniel's long-term goal is to leave a lasting legacy of excellence, efficiency, and professionalism within the Hotline operations, ensuring continued success in protecting federal health care programs and safeguarding the interests of enrollees.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Daniel finds joy in spending time with his family, including his six goddaughters and cherished niece and nephew. He likes taking CrossFit classes, attending live music events, supporting the Buffalo Bills, and indulging in his passion for jazz and blues. Additionally, Daniel enjoys reading, particularly literature that stimulates his intellect.

Daniel aspires to leave a legacy of leadership, innovation, and compassion at HHS-OIG. He strives to prioritize the well-being of his team, foster a culture of excellence, and make meaningful contributions to health care oversight. In Daniel's realm, the Hotline isn’t just a conduit for complaints—it's a bastion of hope and accountability, where every voice is heard. Through his dedication and commitment to service, Daniel leaves an indelible mark on the organization and the pursuit of integrity in public service.

The OIG Hotline accepts tips and complaints from all sources about potential fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ programs. You can submit complaints to the OIG Hotline at or by phone: 1-800-HHS-TIPS (1-800-447-8477).