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General Compliance Program Guidance

General Compliance Program Guidance

The General Compliance Program Guidance (GCPG) is a reference guide for the health care compliance community and other health care stakeholders. The GCPG provides information about relevant Federal laws, compliance program infrastructure, OIG resources, and other information useful to understanding health care compliance.

The GCPG is voluntary guidance that discusses general compliance risks and compliance programs. The GCPG is not binding on any individual or entity. Of note, OIG uses the word “should” in the GCPG to present voluntary, nonbinding guidance.

You may download the guidance in whole, or access individual sections below.

Individual Sections

  • I. Introduction

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  • II. Health Care Fraud Enforcement and Other Standards: Overview of Certain Federal Laws

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  • III. Compliance Program Infrastructure: The Seven Elements

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  • IV. Compliance Program Adaptations for Small and Large Entities

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  • V. Other Compliance Considerations

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  • VI. OIG Resources and Processes

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  • VII. Conclusion

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