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Recovery Act Oversight Reports

Report Date: July 2009

Financial Status

  • Recovery Act Funds Used: $1,114,405
  • Non Recovery Act Funds Used on Recovery Act Activities: $1,457,656

Other Types Of Significant Activities
(Completed/On-Going During Reporting Month)

  • Region II Regional IG addressed officials from the 24 New York State Agencies receiving ARRA funds on July 29. Included on the panel were officals from the Recovery Board and representatives of various OIG's namely Interior, Transportation, Education, and Energy.
  • Region IV staff represented the OAS at a meeting arranged by the State of Georgia to provide the various Federal OIG investigative and Audit Divisions an overview of how ARRA funding will affect Federal and State agencies. State representatives reported that the Georgia Department of Audits and Accounts will serve as the primary State auditor for ARRA funds. The State has established an Implementation Team to coordinate ARRA activities spread across a multitude of State Agencies.

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