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Archives - Portfolio Reports

OIG portfolio reports offer new and comprehensive recommendations to improve program vulnerabilities detected in prior audits, evaluations, and investigations. These reports synthesize OIG's body of work in a program area and identifies trends in payment, compliance, oversight, or fraud vulnerabilities requiring priority attention and action to protect the integrity of Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) programs and the beneficiaries they serve.

Portfolio Cover
Vulnerabilities in the Medicare Hospice Program Affect Quality Care and Program Integrity: An OIG Portfolio (OEI-02-16-00570)
This portfolio synthesizes OIG's body of work on the Medicare hospice benefit. It covers hospice care since 2005 and describes the growth in hospice utilization and reimbursement. The portfolio also summarizes key vulnerabilities that OIG has identified and continues to monitor.
Portfolio Cover
Medicare Needs Better Controls To Prevent Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Related to Chiropractic Services, (A-09-16-02042)
This portfolio presents an overview of program vulnerabilities identified in prior Office of Inspector General audits, evaluations, investigations, and legal actions related to chiropractic services in the Medicare program. It consolidates the findings and issues identified in that work and discusses recommendations from prior reports that have not been implemented or have been implemented ineffectively. In addition, this portfolio provides information to help the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services understand the need for effective controls over chiropractic services and offers recommendations to help Medicare prevent fraud, waste, and abuse related to those services.
Portfolio Cover
An OIG Portfolio: Ensuring the Integrity of Medicare Part D, (OEI-03-15-00180)
This portfolio presents an overview of Office of Inspector General (OIG) investigations, audits, evaluations, and legal guidance related to Part D. It synthesizes numerous OIG reports that have identified weaknesses in Part D program integrity, and provides updates on Departmental efforts to address these weaknesses. In particular, OIG has identified weaknesses in the use of data to identify vulnerabilities, as well as in the oversight by all parties responsible for protecting Part D: Part D plan sponsors, the Medicare Drug Integrity Contractor, and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). OIG has made recommendations to strengthen Part D program integrity, and progress has been made. However, Part D remains vulnerable to fraud, as evidenced by ongoing investigations. To fully protect Part D from fraud, waste, and abuse, CMS should take further action and implement OIG's unimplemented recommendations.
Personal Care Services: Trends, Vulnerabilities, and Recommendations for Improvement
Portfolio | Spotlight | Podcast
OIG is committed to ensuring that adequate safeguards exist to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse in this important and growing benefit. Over the past 6 years, OIG issued 23 reports on the topic of PCS and conducted numerous investigations involving PCS fraud. Our latest product, an OIG Portfolio entitled Personal Care Services: Trends, Vulnerabilities, and Recommendations for Improvement, synthesizes this body of work and offers new and comprehensive recommendations to address vulnerabilities.