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Recovery Act Oversight Reports

Report Date: March 2009

Financial Status

  • Recovery Act Funds Used: $0
  • Non Recovery Act Funds Used on Recovery Act Activities: $295,747

Major Actions Taken to Date

  • Provided input to implementation guidance provided in OMB M-09-10, Section 5 - Grants and Cooperative Agreements
  • Outlined steps HHS needed to take within the next 90 days to obtain meaningful Single Audit coverage
  • Reviewed spending plans prepared by management for NIH, HRSA, CDC, IHS, SAMSHA, ACF and Health IT
  • Completed risk assessment covering $42B of $46B for Health IT and non-Medicaid programs
  • Developed draft work plans for grants management and IT activities
  • Developed audit guide for recipient capability audits for new and higher risk grantees
  • Drafted internal control audit guide for reviews planned for NIH, HRSA, CDC, Head Start & Early Head Start
  • Launched IT security reviews for Grants.gov
  • Coordinated our plans with GAO
  • Started audit of CMS's control over increased Medicaid Federal Medical Assistance Percentage
  • Started follow-up audit of oversight weaknesses for the Community Services Block Grant identified by GAO
  • Started follow-up audit of IT vulnerabilities at the Payment Service Center

Major Planned Actions

  • Finalize internal control audit guide for reviews planned for NIH, HRSA, CDC, Head Start & Early Head Start
  • Start internal control reviews over grant award process for NIH, ACF, CDC and HRSA
  • Start recipient capabilty audits
  • Start audit of State's Medicaid eligibilty requirements
  • Start audit of county contributions to the non-Federal Share
  • Start audit of health and safety requirements at Head Start and Early Head Start facilities
  • Start audit of state's reporting and use of increased FMAP funding
  • Start audit of selected states use of increased FMAP payments to supplement rainy day funds or any reserve
  • Start audit of IT security of GATES
  • Start audit of IT security at ACF, IHS and HRSA

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