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Recovery Act Oversight Reports

Report Date: May 2009

Financial Status

  • Recovery Act Funds Used: $317,935
  • Non Recovery Act Funds Used on Recovery Act Activities: $1,457,656

Other Types Of Significant Activities
(Completed/On-Going During Reporting Month)

  • OIG Senior Executives attended National Intergovernmental Audit Forum on ARRA on May 15, Wash. DC. Executive participated in a panel and provided presentation on OIG Recovery Act activities.
  • Regional coordination with State auditors on ARRA work. Regional auditors met with the following State auditors or staff: Maine, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, District of Columbia, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Illinois, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, Missouri, California.

Other Types Of Significant Activities
(Planned for the Future)

  • Survey and evaluation of contract and grant staffing and qualifications.

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* As of June 30, the 2009-05-31 Source File was adjusted to correct the reported number of completed audits/reviews.

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