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LEIE Supplement Downloads

Latest Monthly Supplements


About Monthly Supplements
The Monthly Supplement file contains only the Reinstatements for one month or the Exclusions for one month, as indicated by the file name.
Profile Updates
This file contains changes made to the excluded individual or entity's profile, such as a change of address, etc.
This file should NOT be used to verify exclusion.

Supplements Archive

OIG only archives monthly supplement files for the previous 12 months. Older information is not available on the website or via phone call to Exclusions staff although the Downloadable LEIE gives users the latest information on excluded individuals or entities.


April 2024
04-2024 Exclusions: CSV
04-2024 Reinstatements: CSV
March 2024
03-2024 Exclusions: CSV
03-2024 Reinstatements: CSV
February 2024
02-2024 Exclusions: CSV
02-2024 Reinstatements: CSV
January 2024
01-2024 Exclusions: CSV
01-2024 Reinstatements: CSV


December 2023
12-2023 Exclusions: CSV
12-2023 Reinstatements: CSV
November 2023
11-2023 Exclusions: CSV
11-2023 Reinstatements: CSV
October 2023
10-2023 Exclusions: CSV
10-2023 Reinstatements: CSV
September 2023
09-2023 Exclusions: CSV
09-2023 Reinstatements: CSV
August 2023
08-2023 Exclusions: CSV
08-2023 Reinstatements: CSV
July 2023
07-2023 Exclusions: CSV
07-2023 Reinstatements: CSV
June 2023
06-2023 Exclusions: CSV
06-2023 Reinstatements: CSV
May 2023
05-2023 Exclusions: CSV
05-2023 Reinstatements: CSV
April 2023
04-2023 Exclusions: CSV
04-2023 Reinstatements: CSV
March 2023
03-2023 Exclusions: CSV
03-2023 Reinstatements: CSV
February 2023
02-2023 Exclusions: CSV
02-2023 Reinstatements: CSV
January 2023
01-2023 Exclusions: CSV
01-2023 Reinstatements: CSV