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Indian Health and Human Services

This webpage offers an overview of the Office of Inspector General's (OIG) body of work as it relates to the Indian health and human services.


Planned Work

Related Reports

Report Date
The Administration for Children and Families Did Not Always Resolve American Indian and Alaska Native Head Start Grantees' Single Audit Findings in Accordance With Federal Requirements (A-06-17-07003) 12/14/2017
Two Indian Health Service Hospitals Had System Security and Physical Controls for Prescription Drug and Opioid Dispensing but Could Still Improve Controls (A-18-16-30540) 11/28/2017
The Three Affiliated Tribes Improperly Administered Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program Funds for Fiscal Years 2010 Through 2014 (A-07-16-04230) 07/13/2017
Indian Health Service Hospitals: More Monitoring Needed to Ensure Quality Care (OEI-06-14-00010) 10/6/2016
Indian Health Service Hospitals: Longstanding Challenges Warrant Focused Attention to Support Quality Care (OEI-06-14-00011) 10/6/2016
Expenses Incurred by the Rocky Boy Health Board Were Not Always Allowable or Adequately Supported (A-07-15-04221) 3/22/2016
OIG Site Visits to Indian Health Service Hospitals in the Billings, Montana Area (OEI-09-13-00280) 8/14/2015
Access to Mental Health Services at Indian Health Service and Tribal Facilities (OEI-09-08-00580) 9/30/2011
Access to Kidney Dialysis Services at Indian Health Service and Tribal Facilities (OEI-09-08-00581) 9/30/2011
Audit of the Indian Health Service’s Internal Controls Over Monitoring of Recipients’ Compliance With Requirements of the Loan Repayment Program (A-09-10-01005) 12/29/2010
Results of Limited Scope Review of Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate Head Start Program (A-07-09-03134) 6/15/2010
Results of Limited Scope Review at the Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakama Nation's Head Start Program (A-09-09-00099) 3/2/2010
Audit of the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation's Use of Federal Discount Drug Programs (A-01-99-01502) 8/17/2000
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