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State Medicaid Agencies' Perspectives of Managed Care Plans' Referral of Fraud

For Medicaid managed care, States contract with and oversee private health insurance companies, known as managed care plans, which have the primary responsibility for processing, paying, and monitoring claims from providers in their networks. As such, States play a critical role in safeguarding the Medicaid program's integrity. For example, States are required to: (1) monitor plans' compliance with the program integrity provisions of their contracts (including the provisions related to fraud referrals), (2) determine whether potential fraud reflects a credible allegation of fraud, and (3) take action against providers upon the identification of a credible allegation of fraud. According to Federal regulations, States' contracts with managed care plans must require the plans to promptly refer any potential fraud, waste, or abuse to State Medicaid agencies or Medicaid Fraud Control Units. However, both OIG and CMS have ongoing concerns about States' and plans' efforts to combat fraud, including a lack of fraud referrals. This evaluation will determine whether State contractual requirements support managed care plans' submission of fraud referrals, determine how States evaluate the volume and quality of the fraud referrals made by managed care plans, identify the factors that States believe incentivize managed care plans to refer fraud, and determine the challenges States face regarding fraud referrals from managed care plans. This work may also identify ways to increase the total number of managed care plans' fraud referrals and ensure the quality and timeliness of these referrals.

Announced or Revised Agency Title Component Report Number(s) Expected Issue Date (FY)
June 2023 Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services State Medicaid Agencies' Perspectives of Managed Care Plans' Referral of Fraud Office of Evaluation and Inspections OEI-03-23-00340 2025