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Followup: CMS's Management of the Quality Payment Program

We will assess the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services's (CMS's) progress in addressing key challenges to implementing the Quality Payment Program (QPP), a new initiative intended to shift Medicare from a volume-based payment system to one that rewards value. In December 2016, OIG found that two aspects of QPP implementation require particular focus: 1) providing sufficient guidance and technical assistance to ensure that clinicians are ready to participate in the QPP, and 2) developing backend information technology (IT) systems to support key QPP functions, such as data reporting and validation. If these issues are not fully addressed, QPP implementation may be delayed, fewer clinicians may participate, and the program may fail to achieve its goals. We will review CMS's clinician outreach and training efforts and determine the status of IT system development, including the extent to which CMS has conducted security and functionality testing.

Announced or Revised Agency Title Component Report Number(s) Expected Issue Date (FY)
Completed Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Followup: CMS's Management of the Quality Payment Program Office of Evaluation and Inspections OEI-12-17-00350 2018

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