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Drug Waste of Single-Use Vial Drugs

The Food and Drug Administration approves vial sizes for single use submitted by manufacturers but does not control the vial sizes submitted for approval. Savings might be realized if single vial sizes currently available in other countries were available in the United States and if manufacturers were to market these smaller vials at lower prices. The Medicare Claims Processing Manual, Pub. 100-04, Ch. 17, § 40 provides policy on the use of the "JW" modifier for discarded Part B drugs and biologicals to track the amount of reimbursed waste in single-use vials effective January 1, 2017. We will determine the amount of waste for the 20 single-use-vial drugs with the highest amount paid for waste as identified by the JW modifier and provide specific examples of where a different size vial could significantly reduce waste.

Announced or Revised Agency Title Component Report Number(s) Expected Issue Date (FY)
Removed Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Drug Waste of Single-Use Vial Drugs Office of Audit Services W-00-17-35793 Not Applicable