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Transcript for audio podcast:
Inspector General's introduction to OIG's Compliance Training Videos and Audio Podcasts

From the Office of Inspector General of Department of Health & Human Services

I am Daniel Levinson, Inspector General for the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. OIG's mission is to fight fraud, waste, and abuse in the Medicare and Medicaid programs. We help to protect patients and taxpayers. Investigating health care fraud is an important part of our work, but we know that most health care providers are well-intentioned and share in our mission. We want to partner with you to achieve our common goals. These include: ensuring that rules are followed, helping our organizations avoid costly programs, recommending improvements to internal controls and systems, assessing and managing risk, promoting a culture of compliance and wisely managing scarce resources.

I am pleased to announce that OIG has produced a series of short, informative videos to help you in your compliance efforts. These videos are designed to help busy providers and staffs understand the health care fraud and abuse laws, explain the basics of health care compliance programs, and advise you on what to do when a compliance issue arises. The videos complement our Provider Compliance Training initiative, which included in.person training in 6 cities and a live webcast. Our entire training package--16 individual training webcasts, slides, and written materials--are available at no cost on our website. We are committed to helping you advance compliance efforts in your organizations. Thank you for sharing in our mission to protect the Federal health care programs and their beneficiaries.


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