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Child Care Providers: Compliance with State Health and Safety Requirements

Photos of child care safety concerns as addressed in the video

Video Series Eye on Oversight:
Child Care Safety Lapses

In this series of health and safety audit reports of child care facilities, we determined whether the States ensured that child care providers receiving Child Care and Development Funds (CCDF) complied with State requirements designed to protect the health and safety of children. We found that a sizeable 96 percent (218 out of 227) of child care providers we inspected in our unannounced site visits in 9 states and 1 territory had one or more instances of potentially hazardous conditions and non-compliance with the state health and safety requirements, including criminal records check and licensing requirements.

Click on the map's regions to find these reports, which include photographs of some of the health and safety concerns found at the child care provider locations.

View a text-based version of this series.

A map of the United States representing 4 regions: West, Midwest, South, Northeast Western Region Midwestern Region Southern Region Northeastern Region

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