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Unaccompanied Children Program Grantee Reviews

Under the Homeland Security Act of 2002, § 462, the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) administers the Unaccompanied Children (UC) program. The UC program provides temporary shelter, care, and other related services to unaccompanied children in its custody. Before FY 2012, about 8,000 children were served annually in this program. In FY 2014, the number of children increased to over 57,500. The UC grant program totaled $911 million for FY 2014. We will review whether selected grantees met applicable grant terms and conditions of the program. Specifically, this work will determine whether a grantee met certain safety standards applicable for the care of UC children in its custody and used funding in accordance with Federal requirements.

Announced or Revised Agency Title Component Report Number(s) Expected Issue Date (FY)
Completed (partial) Administration for Children and Families Unaccompanied Children Program Grantee Reviews Office of Audit Services A-04-16-03566; various reviews 2018

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