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Safeguarding Public Health

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Outbreaks of COVID-19 and monkeypox in 2020–22 tested the Department’s capacity to safeguard public health. As of October 4, 2022, the United States had reported more than 96.25 million cases of COVID-19, losing more than 1.05 million people to the disease, and had confirmed more than 26,194 cases of monkeypox. In addition to infectious diseases, the United States continues to experience a variety of emergencies that require Federal assistance due to hurricanes, extreme heat, flooding, and wildfires. HHS must be able to foresee and combat major outbreaks and provide public health and medical emergency assistance while effectively operating a range of programs and services that are essential to protecting individuals and communities. This work includes effectively preparing for future emergencies while advancing response capabilities, ensuring that products regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are safe and effective, and combating the mental health and drug overdose crises.

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