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Harnessing Data To Improve Health and Well-Being of Individuals

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Improving how the Federal Government manages, shares, and secures its data is a priority for both Congress and the Administration. HHS is prioritizing "Leveraging the Power of Data" as one of its six strategic shifts for its ReImagine HHS effort. Collectively, these initiatives recognize the significant value of Federal data and the importance of having a coordinated approach to use "data to deliver on mission, serve the public, and steward resources while respecting privacy and confidentiality." Additionally, HHS's authorities and influence that shape how an individual's data are used and protected by other private and public entities are increasingly important in a technology-enriched health and human service delivery system. Failure to modernize HHS data practices will limit the capability of HHS and its OpDivs to fulfill their missions. HHS and its 11 OpDivs and associated programs have made progress in doing so, but challenges remain in how it manages, shares, and secures data.

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