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OIG Online Portfolio: Home Health


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Report Title Issue Date
Review of Medicare Contractor Information Security Program Evaluations for Fiscal Year 2015 (A-18-16-3030) 01-17-2017
Medicare Compliance Review Of Home Health VNA for 2011 and 2012 (A-01-13-00518) 08-17-2016
Medicare Compliance Review of Excellent Home Care Services, LLC (A-02-14-01005) 07-14-2016
Nationwide Analysis of Common Characteristics in OIG Home Health Fraud Cases (OEI-05-16-00031) 06-21-2016
Medicare Compliance Review of Sea View Health Care Services, Inc. (A-02-14-01027) 05-19-2016
CMS's Reliance on Puerto Rico's Certification Surveys Could Not Ensure the Safety of Medicare Beneficiaries Who Received Home Health Care Services Provided by St. Luke's Home Health Agency-Juana Diaz (A-02-11-01030) 09-14-2015
Limited Compliance With Medicare's Home Health Face to Face Documentation Requirements (OEI-01-12-00390) 04-09-2014
Medicare Often Made Overpayments to New England Home Health Agencies for Claims Without Required Outcome and Assessment Information Set Data for Calendar Year 2010 (A-01-12-00508) 03-11-2014
CMS and Contractor Oversight of Home Health Agencies (OEI-04-11-00220) 12-19-2012
Inappropriate and Questionable Billing by Medicare Home Health Agencies (OEI-04-11-00240) 08-02-2012
St. Luke's Episcopal Church Home Care Program-Juana Diaz Properly Claimed Medicare Reimbursement for Home Health Services (A-02-11-01009) 04-16-2012
Documentation of Coverage Requirements for Medicare Home Health Claims (OEI-01-08-00390) 03-12-2012
Limited Oversight of Home Health Agency OASIS Data (OEI-01-10-00460) 02-27-2012
Review of Physician Therapy Services Provided During Home Health Episodes in Calendar Year 2008 (A-01-09-00530) 05-06-2011
Review of Medicare Home Health Consolidated Billing for Calendar Years 2007 and 2008 (A-01-10-00505) 04-22-2011

Page last updated: February 9, 2017

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