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Summary Report on Select Agent Security at Universities

Issued on  | Posted on  | Report number: A-04-04-02000

Report Materials


The final report consolidates results from our reviews of select agent security at 11 universities.  In general, serious weaknesses that compromised the security of select agents existed at all 11 universities.  Physical security weaknesses left select agents vulnerable to theft or loss, thus elevating the risk of public exposure.  Inadequate inventory and recordkeeping procedures prevented us from concluding that the universities had complied with the select agent transfer requirements.  At least half the universities had inadequate procedures for identifying persons barred from accessing select agents.  Five universities that used information technology resources for select agent data exhibited control weaknesses that could compromise the security and integrity of the data.  The OIG reports contained numerous recommendations for strengthening physical security, compliance with the select agent transfer requirements, controls over restricted person access, and information technology controls.  In general, the universities agreed with the OIG recommendation and began implementing corrective actions.