Pennsylvania�s 2015 CCDF Program

State National
Number of Children Served 154,107 29,951
Number of CCDF Providers 17,528 2,935
Federal Funding $188,344,536 $73,230,009
Payment Error Rate2 0.34% 5.74%
Total Program Violations and Errors 2955 236
Total Referrals to Law Enforcement Unknown3 0
Total Providers Disqualified 147 2
Total Clients Disqualified 76 2

Did State Conduct
Program Integrity Activity in 2015?

YES Conducted unannounced visits to providers to review attendance or enrollment documents
YES Checked for multiple providers that are billing for the same child at the same time
YES Used surveillance to determine if potentially fraudulent activities are occurring
YES Checked for excessive distance between the provider's and client�s addresses
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