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Audit (A-07-08-00282)

Review of Postretirement Benefit Costs Claimed for Medicare Reimbursement by The Regence Group - Oregon for Fiscal Years 1992 Through 2005

Executive Summary

The Regence Group administered the Oregon Medicare Part A operations (Oregon) under cost reimbursement contracts with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) until the contractual relationship was terminated effective November 30, 2005. For purposes of this report, we will refer to the Regence - Oregon Medicare Part A and Common Working File contracts as Oregon.

Oregon did not claim $59,000 of postretirement benefit (PRB) costs that were allowable for Medicare reimbursement for fiscal years (FY) 1992 through 2005. Oregon claimed $521,000 of PRB costs for Medicare reimbursement; however, we determined that the allowable PRB costs were $581,000.

Complete Report

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