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Cedar Ridge Did Not Always Provide the Required Treatment and Therapy Hours for Residential Treatment and Acute Care

Universal Health Services of Oklahoma City, LLC (Cedar Ridge), did not always provide the required weekly minimum number of service hours to Medicaid beneficiaries. Based on our sample results, we estimate that Cedar Ridge provided less than the required minimum 21 service hours for residential treatment beneficiary-weeks in our audit period by at least 10,252 service hours, totaling $513,000 in partial per diem recoupments. Cedar Ridge provided 199 hours and 25 minutes less than the required weekly minimum service hours for 35 of the 36 acute-care treatment beneficiary-weeks, totaling $10,000 in partial per diem recoupments. Additionally, Cedar Ridge did not always follow documentation requirements for service hours in accordance with Oklahoma Administrative Code.

Filed under: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services