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Audit (A-04-12-01012)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Did Not Fully Monitor Some of Its Contracts

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CDC did not fully monitor some of its contracts in accordance with the terms of the contracts and certain Federal requirements. Although CDC completed progress reports, reviewed and verified contractor invoices, and authorized contract modifications in writing for each of the contracts, CDC did not evaluate performance for three contracts in our sample of five Prevention and Public Health Fund contracts and did not do so timely for the remaining two.

CDC did not have procedures in place to ensure that staff conducted the required contractor performance evaluations timely. Specifically, CDC's standard operating procedures for contract administration did not address performance evaluations. Without current contract performance evaluations, CDC did not have information necessary for making future contracting decisions.

We recommended that CDC follow Federal Acquisition Regulation section 42.1502 and update its standard operating procedures for contract administration to address performance evaluations. CDC concurred with our recommendation.

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