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Audit (A-04-11-03540)

Recovery Act Costs Claimed by Coastal Family Health Center Were Generally Allowable

Executive Summary

Coastal Family Health Center (Coastal) claimed costs that were generally allowable under the terms of the grants and applicable Federal regulations. Of the $4.6 million we reviewed, $3.6 million was allowable and $234,000 was unallowable. We could not determine the allowability of $785,000.

In addition, Coastal lacked documentation to support about $2 million of its nearly $4.9 million in grant fund draws. It also drew down grant funds totaling $217,000 after the grant period ended and before having requested and received from Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) a no-cost extension of the project period.

Under the American Recovery and Reimbursement Act of 2009, HRSA received $2 billion to expand the Health Center Program to meet the increase in demand for primary health care services among the Nation's uninsured and underserved populations.

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