Department of Health and Human Services

Office of Inspector General -- AUDIT

"Review of Office of Community Services Discretionary Grant Award Number 90EE0189 - Corinthian Housing Development Corporation," (A-12-02-00006)

April 5, 2002

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This final report provides the results of our review of the Administration for Children and Families grant number 90EE0189 awarded to the Corinthian Housing Development Corporation (CHDC) for the period September 1996 through September 2000.  In general, CHDC did not accomplish its grant objectives and did not always comply with the standard terms and conditions of the grant or manage funds properly.  Specifically, the proposed health and education center was not developed; jobs were not created; progress reports were not submitted timely; the executive director's salary and pre-award costs were improperly paid from the grant; other contracted services were not adequately segregated from the corporate business funds, and a $16,680 check to cover architectural expenditures did not have any required signatures.  We recommended financial adjustments and improvements to internal controls.