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OIG Outlook 2014 Podcasts

Listen to OIG's senior executives discuss emerging trends in combating fraud, waste, and abuse in Federal health care programs, OIG's top priorities for 2014, and upcoming projects outlined in the newly released OIG Work Plan. You can choose to listen to the half-hour program in its entirety or to listen to the program in shorter 3-to-5 minute segments.

OIG Outlook 2014 - Full Presentation

Outlook 2014

Listen to OIG's leadership discuss priorities in 2014, including how OIG will fight fraud, waste and abuse, promote quality, safety and value while ensuring the future of HHS programs.

Introduction from the Inspector General and Principal Deputy Inspector General

Daniel Levinson and Joanne Chiedi

Inspector General Daniel Levinson and Principal Deputy Inspector General Joanne Chiedi welcome viewers to OIG Outlook 2014. They'll discuss OIG's focus on health IT, reducing improper payments and improving quality of care for beneficiaries.

Deputy IG for Audit Services, Gloria Jarmon

Gloria Jarmon

The Office of Audit Services is the largest civilian audit force in the Federal Government. Learn more about the agency's work regarding Medicare and Medicaid, improper payments, and grants and contract oversight.

Deputy IG for Evaluation and Inspections, Stuart Wright

Stuart Wright

As the 'academia' of OIG, evaluators will focus on HHS contractor oversight, Medicare managed care, and adverse events and quality of care issues for beneficiaries in home health and community-based settings.

Deputy IG for Management and Policy, Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson

Learn about how OIG plans to utilize personnel, resources, and technology, to advance excellence and innovation, while working smarter and more efficiently.

Deputy IG for Investigations, Gary Cantrell

Gary Cantrell

We'll learn about the latest trends in enforcement, OIG's efforts to target drug diversion, and how the government is using data analysis to work faster, and smarter.

Chief Counsel to the IG, Gregory E. Demske

Gregory Demske

The agency's Chief Counsel will discuss upcoming regulations, OIG's efforts to educate providers about compliance, and the importance of giving more guidance to boards of directors.


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