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OIG Outlook 2013 Podcasts

Listen to OIG's senior executives discuss emerging trends in combating fraud, waste, and abuse in Federal health care programs, OIG's top priorities for 2013, and upcoming projects outlined in the newly released OIG Work Plan. You can choose to listen to the half-hour program in its entirety or to listen to the program in shorter 4-6 minute segments.

OIG Outlook 2013 - Full Presentation

Outlook 2013

In the first-ever OIG Outlook 2013, Roberta Baskin, OIG's Director of Media Communications, hosts the question-and-answer sessions featuring OIG's senior executives.

Introduction from the Inspector General

Dan Levinson

Inspector General Daniel Levinson welcomes viewers to OIG Outlook 2013 and discusses emerging health care trends, such as electronic health records and cyber-security threats.

Principal Deputy IG, Larry Goldberg

Larry Goldberg

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how OIG develops its priorities, from setting big picture goals to the specific reviews that end up in the annual Work Plan.

Deputy IG for Audit Services, Gloria Jarmon

Gloria Jarmon

The Office of Audit Services is the largest civilian audit force in the Federal Government. Learn more about the agency's work on improper payments, grants oversight, information technology issues, and more.

Deputy IG for Evaluation and Inspections, Stuart Wright

Stuart Wright

As the 'academia' of OIG, the focus here will be on the oversight work of HHS contractors, prescription drugs and Medicare, as well as OIG's high-priority work related to quality of care for beneficiaries.

Deputy IG for Investigations, Gary Cantrell

Gary Cantrell

The agency's 'Top Cop' will give a glimpse into OIG's latest trends in enforcement, how our Medicare Fraud Strike Forces work, and what the public can do to fight fraud.

Chief Counsel to the IG, Gregory E. Demske

Gregory Demske

The agency's Chief Counsel will discuss the importance of exclusions, the role OIG plays in large settlements, how corporate integrity agreements work, and our efforts to educate providers about compliance.


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