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How to Report Fraud to the OIG

From the Office of Inspector General of Department of Health and Human Services

I'm Spencer Turnbull, the HEAT Initiative Administrator at the Office of Inspector General. Just because your competitor is doing something, doesn't mean you can, or should. You know the situation: your competitor is skirting the law, and you know that's wrong.

What can you do?

Report what you are seeing to 1-800-HHS-TIPS. And here's how to do it online.

Go to OIG's homepage, and simply click on the big red button in the top corner of the page. That will take you to a site that walks you through submitting your report step by step. And don't worry about whether you are absolutely certain that there's a violation of the law. We'll figure that out.

Now, please understand that if you make a report to OIG, we can't give you updates on how the investigation is going. But rest easy, we are on the case. The hotline number and website are the best way to make a report; both go straight to our Office of Investigations. If you prefer, you can report anonymously.

You know the bottom line: stay on the right side of the law.


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