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William Acosta

Fugitive Status sentenced
Charges Health care fraud, filing false income tax returns
Amount of Arrears $113,000

Investigation Details

William Acosta was sentenced May 14, 2015 to one year in prison and $113,000 in restitution.

On January 16, 2015, Acosta pleaded guilty to charges related to health care fraud and filing false income tax returns. According to the investigation, Acosta falsely billed Medicare and private insurance companies for higher level office visits than actually occurred. Investigators also believed that Acosta billed for "routine" hearing and eye tests, even though Medicare does not pay for such tests unless they are deemed medically necessary.

Following an undercover investigation and execution of a search warrant, Acosta was given until Monday April 3, 2006, to decide whether he would plead guilty. However, flight records show that on the Sunday before, on April 2, 2006, Acosta and his son left for the Dominican Republic. Acosta's practice was abruptly closed. As a result, the Medical Board indefinitely suspended his medical license for patient abandonment.

  • Health Care Fraud
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