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Luis Perez Moreira

Fugitive Status sentenced
Charges Conspiracy to commit health care fraud
Known Associates Caridad Guilarte

Investigation Details

Luis Perez Moreira was sentenced on September 15, 2011, to 63 months' incarceration. In September 2010, his co-conspirator Emilio Tain pled guilty to charges of conspiracy to commit health care fraud and was sentenced to 10 months' incarceration.

Moreira is a subject in two separate criminal investigations involving E & E Medical Services Corporation (d/b/a Elbia's Pharmacy) and Rx Plus Medical Care (Rx Plus), both based in Miami.

In April 2010, Moreira and co-conspirator Emilio Tain were indicted on charges of health care fraud and conspiracy to commit health care fraud. As operators of Elbia's Pharmacy, Moreira and Tain allegedly submitted or caused Elbia's Pharmacy to submit more than $770,000 in fraudulent billings to Medicare for prescription drugs and other items that were not medically necessary, not prescribed by a doctor, and not provided to Medicare patients.

Moreira has also been indicted on charges of health care fraud and conspiracy to commit health care fraud for his role in the operation of Rx Plus, a durable medical equipment company.

According to the September 2010 indictment, Moreira and a co-conspirator controlled and operated Rx Plus. From August 2008 through April 2009, they allegedly submitted more than $2.5 million in fraudulent claims to Medicare, of which Medicare paid approximately $383,000.

Investigators believe that, in order to avoid detection, Moreira and his co-conspirator recruited a nominee owner (an individual who pretends to be the owner to conceal the actual owner's identity) to use his name on the corporation's paperwork, to open bank accounts, and to sign company checks.

Moreira was captured on June 7, 2011, at Miami International Airport. Prior to his arrest, Moreira had been living in Cancun, Mexico.

  • Health Care Fraud
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Known Associates