Robert Sand

Robert Sand, from Nassau County, New York, was arrested on December 17, 2012, at Los Angeles International Airport after being deported from the Philippines. Sand, the Government's Most Wanted deadbeat parent, has a total delinquent support payment of more than $1.2 million for his three children from two marriages. Sand has been ordered to pay child support since 1996. Arrest warrants for Sand were issued in 2000, 2002, and 2010 on charges of failure to comply with a court order and failure to pay child support.

In addition, a Federal indictment was issued for Sand in 2009 on two charges of failure to pay child support. According to the Federal investigation, Sand has made several attempts to elude his child support obligations, including under-reporting his income and moving from New York to Florida and then to Thailand. Sand was living in Thailand. Sand had previously been arrested in Thailand and charged with possession of a false British passport and breach of contract.