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Compendium of Priority Recommendations

The Compendium of Priority Recommendations presents opportunities to achieve cost savings, improve program management, and ensure quality of care and safety of beneficiaries. The 25 broad "Priority Recommendations" we identified for the March 2104 edition derive from more specific recommendations that OIG has made in audit and evaluation reports. Those more specific recommendations, or action steps, are included in the summary of each broad recommendation, and the underlying reports are referenced. The 25 recommendations are generally grouped according to the underlying HHS program or operation; thus, they are not internally ranked and so do not reflect relative priority among the 25.

OIG's audits and evaluations do not routinely project the annual cost savings that could be realized at program level from implementing the recommendations. However, reports are indicative of the extent to which policies and methodologies may be less than effective and in need of corrective action. Actual savings to be achieved depend on the scope of the legislative, regulatory, or administrative implementing actions.

In years prior to 2007, information about recommendations was provided in OIG's "Red Book" (unimplemented monetary recommendations) and "Orange Book" (unimplemented nonmonetary recommendations). The "Red Book" focused on significant Office of Inspector General (OIG) recommendations to save costs and the "Orange Book" focused on recommendations to improve HHS programs.

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